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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Karie Kelly
Created on May 7, 2021

Account User Management Efficiency

Ability to bulk edit a set of users would be beneficial when onboarding new folks or there are organizational changes that impact access. When working with contractors, we only allow access to specific workspaces - thus, when that team(s) changes focus, it would help in ensure we change everyone's access the same way.

Ability to tag users to categorize and then use those tags to filter - again, to help in managing access. We have groups that have limited access because they are not full time employees and their assignment change.

When filtering down disabled users and I want to review and update to review all access - yes, they are disabled; but for security purposes, we need to mitigate our risk and should remove their license and access. When I update one user from the filtered list, after the update, the page refreshes and everyone disappear. There is no way to refresh the list without changing a filter criteria and changing it back. So, having the filtered list retain per the filters is the most beneficial. Then as stated above, having a bulk update to quickly remove licenses and access to keep a clean list of users would reduce the maintenance time.

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