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Status Future consideration
Categories Product
Created by Siddharth Bhojnagarwala
Created on Oct 11, 2022

Product line prefix for all ideas of all product workspaces under it

Let's consider an example to understand it better:

  • I have a product line called: "Line1" having a prefix as "L1"

  • I have 2 product workspaces under the same product line, i.e.,

    • Product A with prefix as "PA"

    • Product B with prefix as "PB"

  • I have an idea portal which allows the user to select the workspace first and then log any idea.

  • When user selects Product A, then idea id is created as "PA-I-XXX", and when user selects Product B, then idea id is created as "PB-I-XXX".

  • Both of these products are microservices and deeply integrated. There might be an understanding issue by the user and he select's wrong product, so the prefix for the idea gets wrong and the id doesn't regenerate when I change the product workspace for the idea.

Ideally, when you are allowing to provide a prefix at the product line level, you should use that prefix itself for all the product workspaces under it or atleast should provide a configuration for us to decide on which prefix to use.

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