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Status Future consideration
Categories Features
Created by Stephen McAdams
Created on Jul 18, 2022

Allow Workflow Approvals to utilize the same options as the Automation Approvals

It would be helpful if the Workflow Approvals and Automation Approvals could utilize the same options. We have workflows where we would like to assign the Approval to the user who was assigned to the user story, rather than to a workflow approval group. We can use the automations for this, however, then the story will not automatically transition to the next status. Basically, in the 'Assigned to' field for Workflow Approvals, you would see the following options:

  1. unassigned

  2. a specific value

  3. the same as (with the ability to then choose between assigned user, created by user, or any other user fields added to the record)

  4. Select a workflow approval group

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