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Status Future consideration
Categories To-dos
Created by Roger Oliver
Created on Jun 22, 2020

Add option of "Any Approval" or "All Approvals" for Approval To-Do created manually or via automation with Flexible Workflow


  • We have set up an automation rule to create an Approval To-Do record under a Feature when a certain condition is met (this is extremely helpful to help users know when an Approval To-Do should be used)

  • After the Approval To-Do record is created, we manually add multiple assignees to the Approval To-Dos, which can vary based upon various scenarios

  • We are required to use Flexible Workflow for this because we need the Aha Status to be updated by Jira, via integration, once the Feature reaches a certain point in the workflow

  • If the Approval To-Do is created via automation, Aha closes the record when only one of the assignees approve the record (i.e., "Any Approval")

    • PROBLEM: This is a problem because we want all assignees to approve the Approval To-Do before the record is closed

  • If the Approval To-Do is created manually, Aha doesn't close the record until all assignees approve the record (i.e., "All Approvals")

    • PROBLEM: This is the desired functionality for closing the record, but requires our users to know when an Approval To-Do does/doesn't apply, and we aren't able to pre-populate the Description field.

  • It seems odd that Approval To-Dos behave differently when created via automation vs. manually


  • Modify the "add a to-do or approval" automation action to work similar to Fixed Workflow Transition when "Approval required" (see screenshot).

    • Allow the option for "Any Approval" or "All Approvals"

    • Allow multiple users to be assigned

    • Allow Approval Groups to be assigned

  • For all Approval To-Do records which have been created, add an option to the action menu for "Any Approval" or "All Approvals"

  • For all Approval To-Do records which have been created, allow Approval Groups to be assigned

    Oct 22, 2021

    When an automation rule creates an approval to-do, it is now assigned to 'all', just like when you create an approval to-do manually. We will leave this idea open to continue gathering feedback on the remaining requests.

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  • Karie Kelly
    Oct 30, 2020

    Can you elaborate on the functionality that was shipped as I don't see anything different in the ToDo approval functionality.

  • Karie Kelly
    Sep 16, 2020

    Would be very beneficial as I often have to just remove myself on the ToDo in order to close it out because we only require +2 of the group for approval.

  • Roger Oliver
    Jun 22, 2020

    Sorry, forgot to include the attachments. Here are the applicable screenshots