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Status Future consideration
Categories Reports
Created by Kevin Martin
Created on Jul 15, 2022

I want better insights than reports overview to know who finds value from reporting

I want to assess what % of our workspaces and lines have someone maintaining a dashboard, or charts, or reports or roadmaps that represents an effort to derive value from Aha!. Today I can see a small number of users made reports, and maybe a folder structure weakly related to product lines. but its too hard to interpret what workspaces/lines are being represented. What I want is the smoking gun that points at large collection of workspace/lines by name and what users (if any) are making no effort to leverage any element of the roadmaps reporting capabilities. so linking and fiiltering that can find reports using a workspace name in the data, or a release name or goal or initiative, and let me attribute that report to an active, value-seeking product line or workspace. this helps me prune away the deadbeat lines and spaces and consider where license seat can be pulled from seat holders are not seeking value from the tool.

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