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Status Future consideration
Categories Reports
Created by Deirdre Clarke
Created on May 24, 2023

Make viewing data in Aha! much easier and quicker, in less than 2 clicks

Users are really struggling with reports and roadmaps. They want to be able to find what they are looking for with just a couple of clicks and are overwhelmed with all the options presented to them under Roadmaps - as they have no idea what a pivot report is, let alone most of the others. Furthermore, it is almost impossible to find the company standard roadmaps/reports. People have to go to Roadmaps > Overview, drill down in folders, etc. So many clicks and so much confusion with any of those paths. We really need a way to make it easier for everyone to consume the awesome data that is available within Aha!

A way I can envision it working, but hopefully this also explains the need:

  • Have a one-click way to access a list of the most popular report/roadmap views. The CS team at Aha! has a good feel for what those are. When selecting the list, have 'picture' icons of samples so that they can easily see the resulting output before selecting.

  • Have a way for Admins to add their company standards reports/roadmaps/presentations in one place that is easily accessible.

  • Then re-organize the main Roadmaps drop-down to have just 3 selections 'Most popular views' , a customizable 'Company standards,' and 'Share' (for presentations and dashboards). People get so confused with the myriad of options that exist there today as they don't know the difference between all of the types. The reporting wizard asks them that later anyhow.

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  • Nick Pearson
    Aug 24, 2023

    I agree that finding reports needs to be easier. Roadmaps --> Overview does not seem like an intuitive place to look for a report.

    I have limited what is in the Roadmaps dropdown to prevent confusion for our users.

    I like the idea of being able to promote a couple of Folders or Reports right into the Roadmaps dropdown.