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Created by Nicole Hardin
Created on Jan 18, 2019

Better Roadmap Views

The current default roadmap has absolutely no color and very few options for display.  When creating pivot tables it is really easy to get into a circumstance where everything looks fine until you get it into a browser window.  We have many features in a given release and multiple releases there is no easy way for us to put this in a professional presentation (view to those outside of R&D who are accustomed to powerpoint).  After hours of editing I still find people saying can you just put that in a powerpoint which is exactly what we want to avoid.  Aha is awesome for team coordination and when you allow everyone to dig through aha but our struggle is managing the many stakeholders we have across the business that need focused details in a presentation format.
    Jan 23, 2019

    Thank you for sharing this feedback. The reporting options available are very flexible, and you should be able to achieve what you're hoping to without having to use Excel/PowerPoint. We have passed this note on to our Customer Success team, and someone will be reaching out to you shortly to assist you.

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  • Admin
    Austin Merritt
    Jan 31, 2019

    Thank you for the thoughtful feedback! And for the offer to walk through examples. I will reach out directly on that. Thanks!

  • Nicole Hardin
    Jan 30, 2019

    I have been through the options with the customer success team and they are fantastic - however after an hour of brainstorming there is still not a way to create a the presentation view we are looking to achieve without massive work from our product managers in reformatting anytime a feature changes.  There are still limitations to creating presentation acceptable formats that there are no ways around other than to cut and paste or spend much time creating boxes to hide details that a particular audience should not see.  Some specifics

    - The ability to add a feature card with restricted information (description and attachments) but not the other internal details you wouldn't want a stakeholder unfamiliar with the development process or for example a partner to see.

    - The ability to modify the feature roadmap so it wasn't just gray and white and to not see the feature numbers (less is more)

    - The ability to create a pivot table where the features themselves were colored by release not just the release at the top of the column (yes it seems like you can do this - no we weren't able to achieve this in our branded format).


    Happy to walk through the examples - our take away is this is a fantastic tool for sharing information with our team but it has a lot of challenges in presenting information to a wider stakeholder audience without a lot of editing time on your hands.