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Categories Strategy
Created by Maryanne Miller
Created on Oct 3, 2023

Roadmap Report - need an ability to manipulate to add logo, disclaimer and copyright and then post to portal or export

Who would benefit?

Internal and External Stakeholders

What impact would it make?

I spend many hours reconfiguring feature names and views to build a roadmap outside of Aha! for sales, prospects and ELT.

How should it work?

Today, I have to create actual roadmaps outside of Aha! I use a pivot reports that leverages a custom field for Now, Next, Future. That view has to be exported and manipulated by the marketing team for sales, success management and ELT teams.

I cannot use the roadmap reports in Aha! as I cannot take that report and apply a trademark, logo, disclaimer, copyright or branding styles/icons, etc.

I find road mapping views to be a weakness within the product that could be greatly improved by imbedding some recommended views within the tool and allowing that roadmap to eventually be shared with the ideas portal users.

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  • Maryanne Miller
    Oct 3, 2023

    I cannot share the roadmap reports as they are today in the portal because it doesn't have a disclaimer or logo or my company branding tied to the roadmap.

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt
    Oct 3, 2023

    Hi there, thank you for your idea. I did want to note that part of your request is possible today. It is currently possible to share roadmaps to your ideas portal as a feature of our Ideas Advanced plan. This video explains how this works in detail.

    I'm curious if that would solve what you need or if there are further branding considerations that would prevent you from being able to share the current roadmaps in this way. Can you let us know what you think? Thanks!