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Status Future consideration
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Created by Guest
Created on Jul 13, 2022

Out of the box workspace usage reports

I wish for a prepared (out of the box) workspaces usages report that gives our organization insight into which workspaces are using the feature set, which are misusing the features, and which are a good candidate for coaching or retiring the workspace. I want to see insights into which spaces use and DO NOT use goals in any meaningful way, same for personas and ideas and initiatives. I am more interested in the lack of data model relationships - a difficult query given your underwhelming filter building capability. Understand the sheet calculations are deeply disappointing insights into what emerged at the workspace and not what was leveraged through inherited product link goal, persona and idea. I want to know if workflows are leaving releases and past epics/features in 'active' states long after dates predicted closure. I want to know what nature of reports are being used in connection with the workspace. I want to easily be able to distinguish product lines from product workspaces in this report. I want to quickly get usage by users or roles to know if its a space with many seat licenses and few active users. I need all of these insights to know if our account is really gaining value from 100s of seat licenses and workspaces that a manual inspection says is about 80% wasteful licensing or inappropriate configuration of lines and workspaces.

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