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Status Future consideration
Categories Workflow boards
Created by Rich Baldry
Created on Mar 8, 2022

Additive Inheriting of workflow approval groups

I want to set up approval groups where a certain set of individuals have approval across a whole product line while other groups have approval only for specific product workspaces within that line. I've just discovered that inheritance for workflow approval groups is half-baked, so that as soon as you add a specific member at the product level, you lose all the members inherited from the product line. A checkbox to allow cascading of approval group membership would make management of multiple approval groups so much easier in the absence of any other effective user grouping feature.

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  • Rich Baldry
    Mar 29, 2022

    Just to add a little more to this - the current UI here is extraordinarily misleading. The fact that it shows 'Users inherited from line' alongside 'Users for this workspace' implies strongly that adding users to 'Users for this workspace' will augment the Line-level users, not replace them. Furthermore, there appears to be no warning when adding users at the Line level that they might be overridden by the existence of users further down the workspace hierarchy. PLEASE FIX THIS!