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Status Future consideration
Categories Account settings
Created by Joe Buehlmeyer
Created on Feb 9, 2022

Introduce Customization Owners

As a large organisation with several independent product verticals, we need the ability to lock down account-level customizations (e.g. layouts, custom fields, workflows) by owner (+ collaborators) so that we can retain adequate controls without locking customization down entirely

As our organisation has grown and several different parts of the organisation have adopted Aha!, we have seen different product verticals adopting their own sets of customizations (e.g. layouts, custom fields, workflows) which are then propagated across their respective product lines and products. The challenge that we are encountering is that customization permissions are too binary - whilst we do need certain product leads to be able to customize their setups, we need to prevent them from accidentally affecting customizations of other verticals.

In practice, what we've been seeing are issues around:

  • wild custom field proliferation

  • rogue workflow modifications

  • random template changes

in instances where a new vertical adopted Aha! but, despite our pleading with them, ended up making changes to the setup of another vertical, rather than create their own set of customizations.

What would help us would be the ability to assign an owner and collaborator for templates, fields, and workflows, similar to what's available e.g. for presentation, to ensure that not everyone with customization perms can edit everything.

p.s. some meta data around who made rogue changes would have also been helpful - it's surprisingly tricky to track down the source of customization changes.

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