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Created on Jan 24, 2019

Ability to choose which products a custom field is available to

Within a large company with many products, some custom fields are simply not relevant to another products. Provide the ability (at the account level) to specify which products can view and use the custom field

I see that custom fields were originally at the product level and then moved to the account level to avoid confusion of duplicate fields (

However, we're running into the problem where the custom fields list gets very long since each product requires different fields and most of the fields in the list are not relevant to our product

Additionally, customization access must be granted to the whole account to enable a product owner to create custom fields for their product which runs the risk of the user accidentally tinkering with another products fields.

My idea is to have 2 types of custom fields: product level or account level. Product level fields can only be seen by the product they were created for, account level fields can be seen by all products. When creating a new field, prompt whether it should be product level, account level, OR custom. Custom would allow the admin to choose a certain subset of products (from a list of check boxes) that have access to the field.

When creating account reports, either only Account level fields could be added OR product level fields would have the product ID in parentheses to clarify if there are duplicates eg. "Revenue (Product A)". But at the Product level it  would simply show as "Revenue"

real life example: I want to add the Predefined Choice List field "Version #" with a set of defined option to an Ideas portal for a certain product. Each product will have a different set of predefined choices for the "Version #" field. Since fields are defined at the Account level, I must create Product A Version #, Product B Version #, Product C Version # etc

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  • Guest
    Jan 24, 2019

    see for example the difference between Global and Project objects in Oracle Primavera: