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Status Future consideration
Categories Product
Created by Joe Carpenter
Created on Aug 17, 2018

Need the ability to identify a unique Product Owner for Product Lines and child Products

I am the admin for my account and as such I am listed as the Product Owner for everything in my portfolio. I have nothing to do with the day-2-day management of any Product Lines or Products.


I would like to be able to identify a specific ‘Owner’ for

  • Product Lines
  • Products
  • Releases (this functionality already exists)


  • In our organization, from an administrative point of view, only Aha admins are Product Owners
    This is because users inadvertently created additional Products &/or added users and we wanted to eliminate these issues

  • The default Product Line/Product profile shows ‘Owners’ and this pulls from the User access list. I can’t hide this field or otherwise edit it (see attached)
    This is problematic because even if I create a custom field, then I will have TWO values showing to the end user

  • I can’t specify custom fields for the Product Line (i.e. Product Line Owner) and something different for the Product (Product Owner)
    (technically, I can probably make this happen, but I would need to create a fairly elaborate system of virtually identical layouts)

How can I show an Owner (regardless of Aha Access level) for each Product Line all the way through to a Release? (all of these fields need to be independantly reportable)

Product Line 1 – Mr Pink
     Product Line 2 (child) – Mr. Orange
          Product – Mr. Brown
                    Release – Mr. White

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  • Steve Rudkin
    Feb 17, 2023

    I would also like the ability to identify product line owners