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Status Future consideration
Categories User management
Created by Guest
Created on Oct 31, 2023

Customisation admin access should be granted by workspace, rather than be a blanket permission for all workspaces they have visibility of.

Who would benefit?

This would allow us to grant more autonomy to the product managers who can customise their own workspace, while not allowing them to customise all other workspaces they may have some access to.

What impact would it make?

This would alleviate my workload as an admin. Some of the queries I deal with could easily be dealt with by the PMs themselves through the learning materials I provide them with. Similarly, Product Managers could lessen their dependency on me and implement changes themselves, improving efficiency and upskilling our high number of users.

How should it work?

Customisation admin access should be granted similarly to non-admin roles, specifying which workspace they do or do not have customisation access to.

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