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Match the external release date to the internal one Merged

It's really useful to be able to have a separate external release date, and to roll that date up to a month or quarter.

However, I'm finding that in all of my releases, the actual date - down to the specific calendar day - for my internal and external release dates is the same. I still want to be able to roll up the external date to a month/quarter/year, but it is inconvenient to have to update both internal and external dates any time the release plan changes.

The impact now is that I could accidentally update my internal date, but forget to update the external date, which could lead to my external roadmap view getting out of whack.

Something as simple as a checkbox saying "Same as internal date" should solve this problem. Then, updating the internal date would automatically update the external date (but of course not change any month/quarter/year roll-up settings.)

  • Tim Harper
  • Feb 17 2015
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  • Ben Biggs commented
    July 14, 2015 16:36

    It should just be a setting in the Product Panel - to update the External Release with the internal date.  I think it would be cumbersome to have to check it every time a release is created.