I want the external release date to match the internal release date but still round to a time period such as quarters.

Right now if you set the external release date to be the same as the internal release date then the external date moves with the internal date.  I would like an option that when you are rounding an external date that it can also update the date to match the internal date, but have it round to the setting I have.  It is painful to remember to change the external dates.  I sometimes update the internal date and forget to go change the external date and then our reports to leadership are wrong. 

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  • Jun 8 2017
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  • Chris Stocker commented
    November 30, 2017 14:46

    I agree on this. i used this example on the ticket I opened:

    Currently if you have the External Release Date set to anything other than the exact date, it does not update if you need to update and change the internal Release Date.

    1. Set Internal Release Date to Sept 21, 2018 
    1a. External Release Date is same as Internal Release Date 
    2. Change External Release Date to Month or Quarter (we will use Month for this example) 
    2a. External Release Date Shows September as its value 
    3. Change Internal Release Date to Dec 15, 2018 
    3a. External Release Data still shows September, when the expectation is that it should update to December.


  • Jay Altschuler commented
    11 Mar 18:52

    This is something that should be able to configured per product.