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Status Future consideration
Categories Wanted
Created by Richard Harrison
Created on Jan 12, 2015
Merged idea

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Zendesk integration - reflect status in ticket so customers are notified via Zendesk Merged

I would be great if we could have two way integration with Zendesk, as we have between Zendesk and YouTrack.

With YouTrack, we are able to post a Ticket from Zendesk to YouTrack to create a Bug or Change Request, and then when we update the item in YouTrack, it posts back to Zendesk, which then updates the end-users with progress, subject to triggers and workflow in Zendesk being configured. Its a great way of closing the loop of communication.





  • Suzanne Vaughan
    Jan 12, 2015

    You are correct Richard. In our first incarnation of the integration we have not pushed the status all the way back to the ticket, but we do push it back to Zendesk. I'll adjust the request and status to reflect the enhancement you are asking for. 

  • Richard Harrison
    Jan 12, 2015

    From checking through the above mentioned article and implementing it, I don't feel that you current integration actually offers 'two way integration'

    Your current integration places a widget inside Zendesk that allows an Agent to post from a ticket to an Idea in Aha!, however the feedback about the status of the Idea in Aha! is only visible if you go back into the ticket in Zendesk amd look at the widget/extension, it does not update the actual ticket in Zendesk, which means that you cannot set up a trigger or workflow to update the  end user based on changes inside Aha!.

    Please correct me if I am incorrect in my understanding, however it would be significantly more useful if Aha was able to update tags or comments in the Zendesk ticket, as this would enable us to setup auto responses, as we currently do with the YouTrack integration.