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Created on Dec 22, 2014

Zendesk integration has reportable idea status

We are trying to close the feedback loop for our customers. As product ideas come in through ZenDesk, they are kicked to Aha! and then the product team updates each ticket with a status. That status, while reflected in the ZenDesk issue detail, doesn't allow the Support Team to be updated in any way through a filter or notification, so they can properly provide status updates to our customers. 

We would recommend that Aha! follow suit with JIRA's integration here. JIRA adds a "tag" to each ZenDesk ticket that reflects the associated JIRA ticket's status. This allows ZenDesk to setup filtered dashboards on the issues that may have a specific status and can allow our support team a way to identify Aha! updates that need to be reported to clients

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  • Mike Mitchell
    Jun 9, 2022

    +1 to following the Jira model. Support tickets that are escalated to a product team need to be managed throughout their entire lifecycle, you can't just dump them into an Ideas workspace or manually pull them into a Develop workspace without a live connection back to the original ticket. They must remain synced with the helpdesk at all times. Ideally, developers can post internal comments back to the helpdesk via the tickets, somehow, as well, to keep the agents informed as to what's happening on the item.

  • Jonathan Shaw
    Aug 8, 2018

    Any updates on the likelihood of this to be implemented?


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Richard Harrison over 9 years ago in Wanted 2 Future consideration