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Attribute an Idea to another user Merged

Why is it useful, who would benefit from it, how should it work?


Obviously I want my end-users and stake holders to submit ideas through the portal or through the ideas portal e-mail address.


The reality is that this doesn't always happen. But I still want the originator of the idea to get credit in Aha and to get the feedback messages. 


With this in mind it would be great if the entry screen had an "On Behalf Of" field where I can type in an e-mail address or select an existing user.


A follow-up to this would be the ability for me to forward and e-mail that I get from a user and have the Ideas Portal parse out the original "From" user and add that person in the On Behalf of field.

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  • Dec 19 2014
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  • Shawn Smith commented
    25 Feb, 2015 08:12pm

    Alan, you may be doing this already, but I set up a couple of email forwarders at my company to encourage adoption of the ideas portal. Instead of using the Aha-provided email address, users can send to ideas@[mycompany].com or features@[mycompany].com. Seems to be helping.

  • Shawn Smith commented
    25 Feb, 2015 08:08pm

    I submitted a similar idea,, that you folks at Aha might want to merge with this one.