Link Release to Product and Product Line through Goals and Initiatives in a Diagram Report

I have the following structure:

Main Product Line
     Sub-Product Line 1
          Product 11
     Sub-Product Line 2
          Product 21

I will create Goals and Initiatives in Main Product Line and have Releases of any Product in any Sub-Product Line linked to the relevant of those Main Product Line Goals and Initiatives. To get a visually convincing overview I would like to present this link using a Diagram. I would like the chain to go: Release < Initiative < Goal < Product < Sub-Product Line < Main Product Line. However, at the moment it goes: Release < Initiative < Goal < Main Product Line, which lags information on how different Products (and Sub-Product Lines) contribute to the Goals and Initiatives and rather creates a messy picture of all individual Releases.

The Hierarchy Report almost provides the desired overview; however, then I have to leave out the Sub-Product Line and visually the Hierarchy is far less informative in terms of overview than the Diagram. 

I hope you will consider my input - look forward to hearing your opinion!

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  • Aug 6 2018
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  • Aug 7, 2018

    Admin Response

    Thank you for your idea. As noted, the diagram shows releases related the goals and initiatives they are linked to rather than a rollup view. For a rollup, we would recommend the hierarchy report. You can create goals and initiatives for your sub-product lines and have those rollup to the main product line strategy. You can then show how releases relate to sub-product line goals and initiatives and how those rollup to impact the strategy on the main product line.

    At this time we do not have plans to make updates to the diagram report to show this type of rollup. We hope you can understand.

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