Product line goals linking to product goals

We've set goals for our product line and each product team has separate goals that support the goals of the product line. In the strategy diagram, I'd like to show the goals for the product line and then the products and their goals that all support towards the center. I tried showing the goals for both the product teams and the product line but it looks super funky. The linked initiatives then show twice, which is visually confusing and the product line goals don't show any connection to the product goals, which isn't true and is misleading.

The product currently doesn't allow you to establish a direct linkage between goals at the product level and goals at the product line level. The only such direct roll-up relationship that is currently available is between initiatives at the product and product line levels. You can also link product level initiatives to product line goals.

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  • Nov 17 2015
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  • Derek Fields commented
    December 08, 2015 16:57

    I am a new user trying to set up my company's goals. I was surprised that I can't cascade goals down from company to product line to product so that each level is supporting the goals of the level above it. This seems like an obvious capability. Even more so that rolling up initiatives.

  • Guest commented
    December 14, 2015 15:25

    If we are going to role this out at an enterprise level - missing this capability makes the bigger 'alignment' story more difficult to sell internally...

  • Nacho Andrade commented
    24 Oct 18:02

    Has this been fixed?

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt commented
    24 Oct 21:58

    Hi there. Yes, it is now possible to rollup product goals to product line goals. This article provides more details. You can then report on these relationships using a hierarchy report.