Suggested Improvements for Diagram report

As a product manager, I enjoy using Aha!'s reporting features to help communicate product info up and across the org. The Diagram report has been a well receive visual for driving meaningful discussions in strategic planning meetings, and I often include them in notebooks. The report helps identify high level goals and initiatives that, at least, visually, appear to be covered. e.g. If a goal is just hanging out with no visible initiatives tied to it, that tends to raise questions, about whether we haven't adequately developed plans to accomplish that goal, or whether maybe that goal just isn't important enough for us to prioritize. I'd really like to be able to customize the report to show, similarly, how we plan to support initiatives (and/or goals) at the features level. Specifically, I'd like to create one report that includes rings for Product > Goals > Initiatives, another for Product > Goals > Features, and another for Product > Initiatives > Features. Icing on the cake would be a way to differentiate features by their respective release buckets. e.g. the features in the outer ring might be clumped together and colored by release.

As for the question about when we'd need this by – it isn't urgent, per se, but we'd use the diagram report more often and get more value out of it if, if it could do these things.

Thanks for considering this idea.

  • Michael Tadros
  • Aug 9 2018
  • Future consideration
  • Aug 14, 2018

    Admin response

    Thank you for your idea. At this time we do not have plans to make changes here but we will continue to monitor customer feedback.

    In the meantime, we would recommend using the hierarchy report. This report has the flexibility to show the different hierarchy levels as you described.

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