Allow To-do's to be moved

I often create to do's while on calls and sometimes its not always clear / easy to assign them to an epic right away. Or, the to-do is to find out if the to-do should really be a to-do ;-) and once confirmed it is, needs moved to a epic. 

  • April Lutheran
  • Mar 7 2018
  • Future consideration
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  • Ori Kanfer commented
    1 Sep 01:47pm

    Same here, many times I create to-do's while on call using the slack integration, and would like to later move them to their respective features/epics etc

  • Guest commented
    25 Mar 09:24pm

    This would be incredibly helpful as we create a task in one activity when we're brainstorming that may end up needing to be put into the actual projects once it's approved. Just like we can copy a project or activity over, to-do's would be the icing on the cake :)

  • Jess Cook commented
    17 Mar 10:16pm

    I really really really would love this. Sometimes we realize that we have to break something apart or an improvement needs to be split away from a feature that we want to ship part of. I have to manually move To Dos and it's labor intensive. Team mates who are hesitant about the utility of To Dos feel justified in not using To Dos within Aha! because they feel permanent.

  • Scott Simpson commented
    14 Feb 02:18pm

    I just shipped a release with a feature that had 20 to-do items. But 5 of them we deferred and didn't include in the shipped feature. This use case is really frustrating. I ended up copying the feature, then deleting all the incomplete to-do items from the feature to ship, and deleting all the incomplete ones from the copy. This took about 5 minutes.

    For me, a workaround to the ability to move to-dos would be to have an option when you copy a feature to exclude completed to do items. That would at least get me 80% of the way there if the ability to move to do items is structurally difficult/large project for Aha.

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