Approval workflow for Ideas

It would be great if approval workflow could be added to things such as ideas, this way upon certain statuses being reached a task could be routed to an individual for review / sign-off. 

For example if an idea is declined, then a review process can occur prior to the submitting user being notified.

  • Mark Evans
  • Feb 23 2018
  • Shipped
Release time frame
  • Jan 22, 2020

    Admin Response

    Just launched!

    You can now ask colleagues to sign off on plans directly in Aha! — assign approval tasks and set due dates as part of your status workflow.

    Learn more in our blog post and support article.

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  • Mark Evans commented
    26 Feb, 2018 05:28pm

    Thanks for the suggestion... Is there any way to apply restrictions to specific users / statuses, around which actions they can perform?


    The reason being if I were to set the status to "Awaiting Approval" I could then also set it to "Approved" effectively bypassing the flow.

  • Andrew Powell commented
    26 Feb, 2018 11:25am

    Good idea.  This would be very helpful.

  • Paul Massey commented
    23 Feb, 2018 04:08pm

    This would be really beneficial to the product. I agree!

  • Claire Coupar commented
    23 Feb, 2018 03:54pm

    Great idea!