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Status Future consideration
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Created by Guest
Created on Feb 6, 2020

Must be able to control which users can change status of Ideas

It's chaos.  

It is essential that control can be applied to defined fields of Ideas, most obviously, Workflow Status, Score, Assigned to, but the scope should not be pre-determined.

A user who is Reviewer, and who can therefore submit ideas through both portal and the Aha! workspace, can also change pretty much all fields of the idea.  I've never seen a tool with so little control of critical information and workflow. 

It is possible to find out what has occurred, when it is spotted, by reviewing History, but really the cat's out of the bag by then, and that's a lot more work than is warranted to put it back.

Hence 'needed by yesterday' since it's amazing this can happen.  But of course, nothing is perfect, and there is lots and lots to like.  Feel good about things also.  It wouldn't be successful if no-one cared.

Could it be I completely missed something?  Oh yes.  But that would be another basis of an idea - how is it possible to miss something so key when I've also spent so much time figuring out how best to use Aha in my organisation?  Still possible though.

So, pleeeease ...

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