enable email notifications on ideas submitted via the Salesforce integration.

It makes no sense that this isn't available today. All other idea submissions generate such notifications on status changes.

This at least should be an option I can turn on when setting up the integration.

  • Christian Stark
  • Feb 16 2018
  • Future consideration
Release time frame
  • Feb 22, 2018

    Admin Response

    Thank you for your idea. This is not currently planned on our roadmap but we will continue to monitor customer feedback here. 

    In the meantime, the Salesforce integration is currently designed with the intention that updates will be sent to Salesforce users via triggers in Salesforce. This article describes this in more detail.

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  • Christian Stark commented
    08 May 19:50

    We already had a few cases were we have an idea workflow status "Request more information" that requires the submitter to be notified by email. It does work when the idea is submitted via a regular idea portal so it makes really no sense not to have that functionality for the Salesforce integration.

  • Vanessa Barnett commented
    08 Oct 21:23

    I agree with Christian.  The user who enters the idea in Salesforce has their email attached to the idea automatically so it doesn't make sense to not automatically subscribe them.  A critical part of our workflow is to enable a conversation via comments which wouldn't be possible with a Salesforce trigger on a status change.  It's simply not an option to tell our entire sales force to click again on the idea after submitting it, to subscribe.  They won't do it and as such, will not be alerted to the comments we're adding to the idea.