Detailed Strategy Roadmap to work on initiative prioiritizing and scheduling but with on-the-spot information.

The strategy roadmap (image with purple bars) have a great ability to freely move bars around for scheduling and freely extend/shrink the bars for time adjustments.  However, when this roadmap is in the meeting room with a larger number of people of different departments, having details on the bars would help avoid the questions of looking into the details of the initiatives by clicking on it and getting a pop-up dialogue.  The mind set of everyone in the room would shift and need constant re-adjustment as the discussion move in and out of the details page.

The image provided, with a very detailed roadmap, would be ideal for discussions and management if it had the ability to accept mouse drags to reschedule the bars or move the time budget allotted.

In the "I need it..." field below, I stated yesterday only because the Aha! tool is under review.  Being in the software world, I find this tool to be exactly what I need but all departments are looking at this and evaluating/justifying its cost vs benefits.

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  • Jun 23 2017
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