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Status Future consideration
Categories Roadmaps
Created by Justin Woods
Created on Jul 3, 2018

Additional styling options for Roadmap views

I would really like to see additional styling options on the Roadmap reports within Aha!

Settings for the Custom Roadmap gives Bar View and Bar Size exist already but I would love to see the following:

  • Custom gradients / patterns for the Gannt Bar fills
  • Gantt lines (rather than bars)
  • Progress fill based on an attribute (Portfolio already does this for Release progress)
  • Custom shapes for Gantt Bar ends (straight / rounded / arrows / stars / chevron / custom icon or image)
  • Custom swim lane colours / patterns
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  • Ashton Tsou
    Jun 12, 2024

    We need 'text editor' feature in customize style modal to bold, center align the value in cell area.

  • Guest
    Feb 6, 2024

    for bullet point number 3, In our use case, we have a % to budget that shows the percentage in the cell on the pivot report, we would like to have the ability to also turn that into a "thermometer" or some sort of %to budget fill, makes for a quick easy way to see the % as a visual vs just the number

  • Admin
    Peter Whisenant
    Dec 18, 2023

    It would be great to be able to choose which cells are grouped or not. Currently, you have the option to group all the cell fields in one or you can Show cell headers from the Customize style modal. I would like to be able to select which cells to show in separate columns and which ones to group.

  • Guest
    Mar 4, 2020

    I'm would also appreciate seeing chevron style in addition to simple bars in a Gantt chart

  • Clive Watts
    Jun 18, 2019

    I am pulling in text from description boxes (e.g. initiatives, release themes) to put this information on to a roadmap. Currently, it seems that all formatting is ignored and everything ends up as a single line of text. While that i useful for space, there are times when I want to say more! The format information on the source item should be retained in the roadmap view.

    I agree that more styling options would be useful in the custom roadmaps. There are too few options now.

  • Guest
    Feb 22, 2019

    "Progress fill based on an attribute" would be huge.  We prefer the layout and styles of the Portfolio report, but because it does not support the full complement of filters (and because it duplicates the release on the screen when a release is linked to an epic outside of the product through which the release was created), we cannot use it.  Instead, we use Custom reports and would love to have the same progress fill mechanism available there.


Additional formatting options for Custom Pivot Roadmaps

In our custom roadmaps, we often might have the ability to group and highlight selected items within a cell. Rather than have to export to Excel and do additional formatting by hand in order to "fit" everything, I'd like the ability to:-Define dat...
Guest almost 6 years ago in Reports 1 Future consideration