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Created by Kevin
Created on May 29, 2017

Support for roadmaps without timelines

My single biggest frustration with aha is that roadmaps can only exist if you use features and releases. I am trying to move away from planning like this and forge a more "lean" path where our roadmap is centred around problems we want to solve - if there has to be dates, I would rather this be in more of a kanban style where you could drag and drop into buckets like "current", "near term", "future". Here is a link to an article where someone has decribed this much better than I could:

there is an example in there that illustrates what that might look like. 

    Jul 22, 2022

    Thank you for the note. As noted, most of our roadmaps require dates to be used as we feel that this is an important aspect of a roadmap.

    That said, we do have capabilities where you can set "External release dates" which can show information at a Quarterly basis. You can also create Custom roadmaps which allow you to hide dates.

    You can see more information here: The pivot table example in this article shows quarters, but could easily be setup to use custom fields instead which capture time horizons like "Current," "Near term," or "Future."

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