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Created on Oct 31, 2014

Need to display uncommitted/unscheduled Releases and/or Features in Roadmap Timeline and Pivot views

When presenting Roadmaps to customers, product managers need to convey a vision of where the product is going. We can usually do this by representing the features/capabilities that are committed and in development, those that are planned for implementation after the committed items are delivered, and those that are under consideration for the future. 

Aha! can represent Releases and Features that are committed and planned for since those can be tied to delivery dates. However, we'd also like the ability to show within a Roadmap the list of ideas that are under consideration for the future and thus do not yet tied to delivery dates. This would enable us to communicate a future direction in the Roadmap without stating any dates, thus facilitating further discussion with Roadmap consumers.

    Feb 12, 2016

    The Reports Pivot Table has undergone major enhancements which allow you to do any level of reporting across over 100 data objects in Aha!  Among those data objects, you can access any unscheduled releases or features, and report on these with your key stakeholders.

    With this in mind, we do not have plans to provide the ability to show uncommitted releases within the Features Roadmap (as this is a time-based visualization). 

    However, we hope that the extensive flexibility around the Pivot table can help with your reporting. As such, we will mark this idea as shipped.

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