Produce a Roadmap without Dates

Well often times a roadmap doesn't and should not have dates from various reasons (no estimate, dates always change). Release plans have dates.  As a PM I would like the ability to show/ build a roadmap that is detached from dates that are often no more accurate than my dart game against a calendar.  Often times showing strategic long term vision is key to a prospects buying decision and existing customer's retention rates.  being able to show release dates for what we know we are releasing and the short term as well as a vision roadmap at the feature/ initiative level would be a big step into how we can show and talk about the roadmap in our on site visits with prospects and existing customers.

  • Matt Wagnon
  • Feb 14 2017
  • Already exists
  • Jun 12, 2019

    Admin response

    Thank you for the note. As noted, most of our roadmaps require dates to be used as we feel that this is an important aspect of a roadmap.

    That said, here are a few approaches that you can leverage, depending on what works best for your workflow:

    1. Leverage the capability to set “External release dates”, which can show information at a quarterly basis to give a higher level view. You can see more information here:

    2. Add a calculated column to group your features into buckets, such as Near-term, Mid-term, and long-term, based on release date. Learn more here:

    3. If you do not want to use dates at all, create a custom field that includes phases, such as Near-term, Mid-term, and long-term, which you can then use in your roadmap to bucket your work

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  • C Harman commented
    23 Jul 03:41pm

    I echo the comments here. Dates are NOT an important part of a Roadmap. TIMESPANS are. There is a difference. Please, please, please align with industry best practices.

  • sabari ram commented
    5 Sep, 2019 04:56pm


    It is concerning that the Aha! team considers dates as an important aspect of a roadmap. :O

    Problem statement: "The Why?"

    While planning items are still ok, when customers look at a roadmap with a quarter, they assume that it is set on stone. Although you may add a bold asterisk and communicate clearly that roadmaps are directional plans and not release plans, people read/listen to what they want. As roadmaps evolve constantly, customers are subjected to frustration and the core persona for Aha! - "product manager" - is put on a bad spot. 

    Suggested solution:

    Hence it is a critical need for Product managers using Aha to have the ability to build roadmaps with high-level groupings such as 3 months, 6 months, 1 year and beyond..

  • Alex Henry commented
    12 Aug, 2019 02:31pm

    Echoing many others here: THIS FEATURE DOES NOT ALREADY EXIST.

    It's an incredibly important feature. I can't produce a client-friendly roadmap with Aha in its current form - it's not good practice to nail yourself to a date more than 3 months ahead, yet at the moment the roadmap view will not let you avoid it.  

    I like to organise items into 'next 3 months', (high certainty)  'next six months' (lower certainty)  and 'in the coming year'.  Currently there is no way to neatly do this without showing exact dates.  I've tried using the pivot view to achieve the same outcome but it cannot be done either.  

    The absence of this feature is notable,  and it's concerning that it's not on the roadmap (with a date or without!)



  • D D commented
    12 Jun, 2019 09:46pm

    This does NOT already exist. 


    Guys, lean roadmaps are a thing. Your competitors offer this: Many people are using them. They do not have dates. They are like giant Kanban boards with columns like "Now, Next, Later, Done" etc. These are not date based, they are more like statuses. It really doesn't matter if you "feel that is an important aspect of a roadmap" because increasingly it is NOT, whereas the release plan is about dates. 


    Please give us the ability to create a lean roadmap with no dates at all. This should be very easy, guys. 

  • Ross Tanner commented
    6 Jun, 2019 04:03pm

    At the product/story level I solved this by creating multiple columns in the Parking Lot space.  The only difference between an Aha! Release and Parking Lot is that their are no dates on the parking lots.  So, I created one release with a delivery date and that's called Current.  Then in the Parking Lot space I created Near Term and Future and use a third as the actual Parking Lot. This works well with my team.  Sadly it's only at the product and story level.  It will be a significant step up in product maturity when Aha! adds the ability to visualize these buckets and initiatives without dates. Leading product organizations have accepted the removal of dates a couple of years back.  I'm a huge fan of the Aha! tool but this gap is large and late.

  • Aaron Ferguson commented
    11 Jan, 2019 08:41pm

    I agree with the other comments. Aha! seems to be release management software, not roadmap software and there is a big difference.

  • Tim Bouhour commented
    15 Nov, 2018 10:49pm

    This definitely doesn't already exist - based on Marty Cagan's "Inspired", "Product Roadmaps Relanched" by Bruce McCarthy, or many of the other current best practices in the industry, I entirely agree with the comments below that a roadmap should not have dates, that would be a release plan.

  • Joe Reese commented
    16 Mar, 2018 06:12pm

    Agree completely that the admin response here does not answer the request.  I have the same request and the example provided still has dates (broad as they may be).

  • Guest commented
    2 Feb, 2018 05:47pm

    We showed our Product Owners the article provided in the Admin response, and this does not meet their needs.

    They want the ability to create a long-range roadmap (gantt-style) without specifying any dates. Similar to the functionality of this Atlassian add on: which allows you to customize your timeframes - quarters, months, sprints — or no dates at all. And they want to easily move things around in this view (like you can in the starter roadmap view). I don't think this idea should say "already exists" when it doesn't.

  • Matt Wagnon commented
    17 Feb, 2017 05:00pm

    Thanks for the reply.  From the link you sent i still see dates whether those dates are Quarter's or 1H and 2H.  This is not really what I was looking for.  A roadmap is not a release plan and a release plan should have dates.  A roadmap should be able to show vision both short and longterm and should not require dates.  I would like a way to display the delivered roadmap functionality without dates and sorted in a different matter.  I'm sorry but I don't consider this already existing based on the provided documentation.

  • Samantha Hopkins commented
    15 Feb, 2017 11:29pm

    I desperately want this! I'm having to shuffle dates around all the time as priorities change. I just want a release with no dates to be scheduled later please  & thank you.