Generate Roadmap from Ideas

We use ideas for an externally facing portal for our customers. However, we have found that as those ideas turn into features, our single view for customers no longer works. To get around this, we have added a release field to ideas so that we can maintain the ideas view for customers. But the problem is that you cannot generate many reports or timelines based on ideas. I would like a timeline based view exactly like the various roadmaps you have now.

  • Paul Nuschke
  • Oct 12 2018
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  • Admin
    Austin Merritt commented
    October 15, 2018 14:31

    Hi there, could you provide more details around your use case? Promoting an idea to feature should not change what your customers see in the portal -- other than possibly updating the idea status. Regarding creating a roadmap of ideas, it is currently possible to do this using a custom roadmap. Thanks!

  • Paul Nuschke commented
    October 15, 2018 14:57

    Sorry for the lack of clarity. We are showing customers an ideas notebook with the list of ideas tagged with their company name. We also want to show a timeline view, but we do not want to show them the epics and their details as it will add confusion. Are you suggesting that we promote to a feature and then build a custom roadmap for the idea?

  • Admin
    Austin Merritt commented
    October 15, 2018 20:37

    Thank you for the additional detail. Yes, promoting to a feature would be recommended for the internal work -- e.g. defining the feature, scheduling in a release, tracking development, etc. If you need to provide a timeline externally and you do not want to do so at the feature level, then a custom roadmap would be the right option. You can create a custom roadmap using any date field. So if you have a target date that you add to the idea using a custom field, for example, you could create the timeline based on that. 

    Another option would be to add a more general "Release timeframe" custom field to your ideas. We do this with our portal and update planned ideas with a timeframe such as 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months. You could then create a pivot table to share externally with the less precise timeframes as columns in chronological order.

    If you need more specific examples, our Customer Success Team -- all experienced product managers -- can help out. Just email Thanks!