Promoting an Idea to Feature, Master Feature, Initiative should carry over many-to-many custom field values like other custom field types

Just like Custom field values will transfer from ideas to Feature/Master Features/Initiatives when promoted assuming a custom field with the same Key name exists in both, the same should occur with many to many custom fields as well. My use case is as follows:

1 - I add a Customers custom table. I add it to both ideas and to features as a Many to many relationship type. 

2 - I select a few customer values for an idea. 

3- I promote the Idea to become a feature. 

I expected/hoped that the customer values would populate the corresponding feature since the same table is being used in both. That did not happen. I would expect this to be a common use case associated with Promoting ideas. 

  • Matt Case
  • Oct 9 2016
  • Future consideration
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