Carry Attachments from Text Custom Field when promoting an Idea

Currently we have a text field that is custom in our Ideas portal called "Steps to Reproduce". The text field has the ability to include attachments. However, when you promote the Idea to the Feature or Master Feature, the attachment disappears. 


The goal is to include the attachments from the custom field into the Feature, Master Feature, or Initiative when promoting the Idea.

  • Joe Andreana
  • Sep 6 2017
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Release time frame
  • May 31, 2018

    Admin Response

    Attachments in custom notes fields will now carry over when the idea is promoted. You will need to follow the instructions in this article when setting up your custom fields.

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  • Guest commented
    September 06, 2017 15:14

    To add extra details to this idea, we are aware that we have 2 fields for attached files using this idea portal layout. This is because we have a standard field for descriptions which allows the user to attach files, in addition to the steps to reproduce field. 

    Our team, at times, using the attachments fields for different purposes. Such as adding an attached spreadsheet to the description of the expected behavior, and adding a screenshot of the defect to the steps to reproduce attachment. 

  • Guest commented
    September 11, 2017 17:36

    Great idea !


    And the alternative could be that Aha display a warning message stating that it detected an attachment on the source but that it cannot carry it over to the destination, in which case the user could be presented with:

    - Continue regardless of loosing the attachment; or

    - Cancel promoting.


    That way at least, if the attachment is lost during the promotion, the user will have given his consent to it rather than the current behavior of loosing the attachment without warning.

  • Ikram Ahmed commented
    February 09, 2018 21:46

    We are losing all our attachments as well when promoting ideas to features. Implementing this idea will be very valuable for our Product Managers and save them a lot of back & forth. 

  • Beth Spiker commented
    February 09, 2018 22:05

    Yes please.  Otherwise, the Idea portal does not work for our users.