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Created by Sean Fackrell
Created on Mar 15, 2017

'Tiering' of notifications in AHA!

The Current notifications options are a little limited going by feedback from our users.

Asking for no notifications is a blanket application across the whole tool which can be an inconvenience.

We have had users ask if it was possible to unsubscribe from 'new requirement' notifications but remain 'watchers' however they but still have notification when they receive a to-do or task assigned to them

Perhaps a more granular option choice relating to user permissions like unsubscribe from :

  1. New Requirement notifications
  2. To-do notifications
  3. Comment Notifications
  4. Records assigned to you

To give the admins and AHA! users more control would be great.

    May 24, 2017

    We are excited to introduce updated email notification preferences and digest emails. This was an extremely popular request and something we have been working hard to deliver. You now have complete control over what emails you receive and how frequently you receive them. Check out our blog post for more details.

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