Ability to only receive notifications for records we are assigned to, @ mentioned in, or assigned to 'to do'

Currently in the settings there is the option for: 

  • Stop receiving notification emails (for Application Notifications)
  • Stop receiving notification emails (for Integration Emails)

is there any chance that we could have another option that you ONLY receive notifications where: 

  • You have been assigned a 'to do' action
  • You have been @ mentioned in a comment or requirement etc
  • And not receive notifications for anything else?

With the number of emails we receive at the moment, turning off notification alert for 'application notifications' I believe also turns off alerts where you are @ mentioned and you are assigned to a 'to do' in either: 

  • a feature
  • a requirement
  • a release
  • a phase

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  • Jun 2 2015
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Release time frame
  • May 24, 2017

    Admin Response

    We are excited to introduce updated email notification preferences and digest emails. This was an extremely popular request and something we have been working hard to deliver. You now have complete control over what emails you receive and how frequently you receive them. Check out our blog post for more details.

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  • Guest commented
    June 03, 2015 01:16

    Ideally we would have more options to opt in/opt out

  • Ian Carson commented
    June 03, 2015 06:04

    This would be ideal....we planning large programmes of work at the moment and my inbox is getting flooded with Aha emails!

  • Murray Elliott commented
    June 03, 2015 11:58

    I want it to be easy to tell in my email inbox when I need to review/respond on something in Aha! At the moment too many Aha! notifications (many of which are just information) means I stop reading and responding to them (there's just too many of them). I want to be notified when it's important for me to review and respond (only) ... please.

  • Guest commented
    June 03, 2015 16:35

    This is an ongoing problem for us; our teams have either turned off all notifications, or created an email filter, which means we are not getting notified when someone @ mentions us, or assigns a To Do.
    We would love to have the additional feature to turn off all notifications except the @mentions and ToDos.

  • Guest commented
    August 28, 2015 03:51

    Any update on this?

  • Pepe Cano commented
    July 01, 2016 05:57

    Current notifications solution is the primary reason to not using Aha.

    "Turn off all notifications except @mentions" should be compulsory for any decent software to make a further discussion.

    I would also like to see how a notification grouped several comments, instead of sending one email for every comment.

  • Casey Schorr commented
    July 07, 2016 22:05

    The default behavior should be like every other service on earth - you shouldn't get an email notification for your own activity within Aha. Completely unnecessary clutters up the inbox and trains users that Aha! Notifications are junk half the time.

  • Admin
    Chris Waters commented
    July 07, 2016 22:20

    Casey you shouldn't receive emails for your own activity in Aha!. If you are seeing this happen please contact support@aha.io so we can investigate.

    You should only receive notifications for records that are assigned to you, records that you are watching, or records contained in things you are watching. Watching a product will cause you to receive notifications for everything in that product - so most people probably don't want to watch the whole product. Note that the original description in this idea is a little out of date since it implies that you receive notifications in a lot of other circumstances, but that is no longer the case.

  • Casey Schorr commented
    July 07, 2016 23:11

    Chris, here's the workflow...

    We have ideas.printfection.com setup as an ideas portal for our team to
    submit ideas. I usually use this portal to submit ideas. I am also a "full
    blown" user of Aha! as well. I believe when I submit an idea from
    ideas.printfection.com I am automatically added as a watcher to the idea,
    so I get notifications from the ideas portal and also an "internal" aha
    notification as well, basically duplicate notifications. I also get
    notifications then on the idea if I submit a follow-up comment, etc.

    I'm not 100% sure what is going on but the default behaviors are resulting
    in a lot of non-useful notifications. It really shouldn't be this
    complicated as I use 10+ other SaaS apps and don't have issues with the way
    their default notifications work.

  • Eric Kmetz commented
    February 16, 2017 18:06

    Any movement on this?

  • Linda Simek commented
    April 26, 2017 13:36

    I'd like this to be available based on module.