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Status Future consideration
Created by Tracy Singleton
Created on Feb 11, 2020

Don't notify me when others complete a to-do I was assigned

When I am assigned a to-do along with many other people at my company, I do not want to receive notifications every time another person a my company completes the same to-do. Perhaps the owner of the to-do can get these, but not the assignees. It really clutters up my inbox and I can't find the important work that I'm assigned to. 

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    Feb 20, 2020

    I'm receiving multiple emails about to dos assigned and completed. I'm also receiving multiple emails each day about to do's that I'm assigned to. There is no order in any of the notifications. I want a summary email of all work spaces that I'm involved in one daily recap email each day.


    On the notifications settings, I have it set to a daily email - yet I'm receiving all of these separate emails still. I just added weekly summaries, so I'm looking forward to seeing those.


    It would also be really nice to have the daily summary be ordered by work spaces with activities and tasks assigned within. The way that the to dos are coming through now is difficult from a user experience to follow. 




To-do completed notifications should only be sent to person who created the to-do, not everyone who was assigned the to-do

Currently, if you assign a to-do to multiple people, when anyone completes the to-do both the creator and the all assignees on the to-do are notified. This doesn't seem like it should work that way. It's not my to-do, I was just one of the assigne...
Todd Meyer about 6 years ago in Comments / Notifications / To-dos 0 Future consideration