Edit Default Notification Message for Users without Access to Aha!

When a user tries to connect to Aha! without any privileges set (new users) they receive a default notification message. This message is currently not editable, and only lists the Billing admins emails.


Billing admins and admins who administer the day to day running of the tools use are different roles. One is budgeting and usually in finance dept. while the other is operations and usually in program or product management. SO emails for access go to the wrong users and are ignored. 


The idea is to allow admins to edit the default notification new users get so as to direct them to the correct points of contact or request system (if tooled) in a company. The default notification should support rich text and html formats.


This request is stemming from a support case (#338101) at https://support.aha.io/hc/requests/338101

  • Clark Milner
  • Feb 14 2019
  • Planning to implement
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  • George Champlin-Scharff commented
    18 Apr 16:21

    This is a _huge_ problem for us. We are a giant company with only a dozen or so admins and we get TONS of random emails on this...

  • bill bailey commented
    30 Apr 18:02

    Bare minimum would be allow for a redirect url that is editable for Admins.  We use Service Now and I would like to put the link to the Service Now request page.  

  • Guest commented
    18 Oct 00:53

    I'm experiencing the same situation and I would like to divert customer to the right location to raise a support ticket.