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Status Future consideration
Categories Salesforce
Created by Guest
Created on Nov 3, 2016

Improvements for linking ideas in Salesforce

In the popup window for selecting an idea to link:

* Would be nice to be able to sort by name
* Would be nice to have partial search, not only full word search
* Would be nice to filter out ideas which have already been added. This can create duplicate connections which need to be manually cleaned up
* The select idea button is on the right, somehow it feels like it should be on the left. I keep accidentally almost clicking on New idea rather than select.
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  • Skye Legon
    Oct 13, 2023

    Agree with the above, and would also add the ability to open the suggested ideas in the portal to see the full context. The 2-line summary is often not enough to know if an existing idea is really what the customer is looking for. Currently I have to memorize the ID number and search for it manually in the portal.

  • Luke Walker
    Feb 22, 2022

    Partial search would be a huge win for the sales/success teams, to help reduce # of duplicate ideas submitted. Path of least resistance to attach to an existing idea.

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