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Status Shipped
Categories Whiteboards
Created by Ian Babelon
Created on May 24, 2024

Select the Ideas Portal for the current workspace when creating an idea from a whiteboard

What is the challenge?

Currently, I have to select the right workspace to create an idea from the current workspace (let's call it #1). The default workspace for creating an idea is now set to the customer-facing Ideas Portal on another workspace (#2) where I am not supposed to contribute. This is counterintuitive and invites errors.

I cannot default the Idea creation to the Ideas Portal on my current workspace. This only started recently. Previously when creating an idea from a post-it in a whiteboard, the default Ideas Portal matched the one for the current workspace.

But this is possibly a bug 👾 - as I am now viewing the Ideas Portal for workspace #1, instead I see the label for workspace #2 in the navigation label in the top-left hand corner. This all looks a bit jumpy.

What is the impact?

When I log new ideas in workspace #1 these are meant for internal use only. However, becase the default selection for Ideas Portals is set to workspace #2, my Ideas will easily end up there which is customer-facing and totally irrelevant to the current workspace #1. I've done that a couple of times without knowing where the new Ideas ever went, before realising and quickly deleting the Ideas on the customer-facing Ideas portal on workspace #2.

Describe your idea

When I create a new Idea from a post-it in a whiteboard from within the current workspace, the default Ideas portal should be located within the current workspace and not on another workspace that is totally unrelated.

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