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Status Future consideration
Categories Salesforce
Created by Skye Legon
Created on Jan 3, 2024

In Salesforce plugin allow clicking on existing ideas to show more context

Who would benefit?

Our CSMs and account managers need to understand if a customer's suggestion is already covered by an existing idea

What impact would it make?

In the Salesforce plugin when searching for ideas there is a two-line summary of each idea, which is good but often not enough to understand if the customer's use case is really covered or not. To find out more you have to go to the full ideas portal and search again, which is frustrating and inefficient.

How should it work?

Simply being able to click on the idea and open it in the portal in a new tab (to see the full context) would be a great improvement.

Ideally this would link to the URL of our public ideas portal, not the portal created for the Salesforce integration. We often want to copy-paste the URL to send to customers, but this is not possible from within the Salesforce plugin, and I can't see technically how this could be achieved.

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