Add ability to link two ideas.

We are just starting to use the ideas portal - we have officially rolled it out to all of our salespeople.

Right now we can link ideas to features, but we would also like to be able to create relationships between ideas.

Why is it useful?

  • assist in identifying popular ideas - the number of votes can help identify popular items, but if there are many ideas related to the same theme or type of feature, that could also identify a popular feature.
  • assist in implementing efficiently - if we decide to implement one high-vote idea, we may want to implement other lower-vote items at the same time, as they all impact the same area of the application
  • reduce review / followup time and provide consistency in message to Sales - if an idea is identified as a duplicate, the PM can give the same message to the duplicate ideas as they did to the first idea.

Who would benefit?

 Product Managers responsible for reviewing, following up, and implementing the ideas would benefit from this idea.

How would it work?

The Action menu for an idea would include 'Link idea to another idea'.

Options for relationships would be the same as for features - relates to, depends on, duplicates, contains, impacts, blocks, and their opposite relationships (is a dependency of, etc.)

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  • Apr 14 2015
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Release time frame
  • Nov 23, 2016

    Admin Response

    This is possible today. From the Actions menu on any idea, you can link the Idea to another record (which includes any idea, initiative, release, release phase or feature). 

    You can read more about it here: 

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  • Guest commented
    April 14, 2015 21:03

    Adding watchers - Jeet Patel and Per Risberg

  • Admin
    Chris Waters commented
    April 14, 2015 23:05

    I can see the benefit of creating a relationship between related ideas that are not duplicates.

    With regard to duplicate management, we already have the "Merge" capability for merging duplicated ideas together. The benefit of merge is that it also integrates subscribers and votes into the main idea.

  • Marie Sligh commented
    July 05, 2016 16:01

    This feature would be very useful to me, as many of the ideas being submitted have dependencies: in order for idea C to be implemented, we must implement ideas A and B first. I am currently using a custom field to list these dependencies, but it's clumsy. While this is certainly not a "must-have" feature for me, it would make managing the ideas portal much easier.