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Status Unlikely to implement
Created by Jaclyn Fine
Created on Jun 10, 2016

Be able to choose which changes I get notified about

I am a watcher on nearly every board our company has in Aha and therefore I get emails for every single change. But I need to get notified only about some of the changes. For instance, I don't need to know every time one of my product managers changes the name of a feature. But I do want to know if they've moved a feature to another release, or changed the initiative it connects to. Maybe there could be a pseudo feature card where I could check off the fields that I want to be notified about and leave the ones I'm less interested in unchecked.

    Jun 14, 2016

    Thank you for the request. As you mentioned, we currently have the ability to set yourself (and others) as watchers on nearly every record in Aha! Our Slack integration also provides the ability to further specify the exact areas in which you may have interest in getting notified. For example, you can set specific fields to see notifications. We would recommend leveraging this as a potential way to provide more filters on the notifications.

    At this time, we do not have plans for updates in this area based on community feedback over time, current priorities and existing capabilities. We hope you can understand.

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