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Status Unlikely to implement
Created by Jerrold Emery
Created on Feb 27, 2019

Field Level Notifications

As a Product Owner I want to know when a label has been added to the release object.


As a Technical Writer, I want to know when a feature has needs documentation.

Currently, I can make myself a watcher on nearly every Aha! object. However, There are many scenarios in which only certain individuals need to be aware of updates to a given object. Using the second example, our documentation team can set themselves on all features, and if I have a field that designates that documentation is needed, they will certainly receive a notification. However, they will also be notified of all changes to a feature, However, in reality, they only need to know when the feature has been marked as "documentation required". Similarly, On the release object, I may have a field to represent Change Controls. and only a handful of people need to be aware that something has been added to that field in particular, but not all changes to the release. That said, I just need to notify certain people when that field is updated, otherwise, they re notified of all changes to that release object.

Last, this would apply to workflows. When a release is moved from one state to another, I would like a subset of people to be notified when there has been a change to the workflow, but I do not need all watchers to be aware. Otherwise, I will have dozens of watchers on an object, when in reality, only some people need to be notified of some changes.

    Jul 22, 2022

    Thank you for your idea. One suggestion here would be to create custom list reports for these scenarios. You can use filters to see new features that are set to "Needs documentation" for example. These reports will automatically update, so part of the workflow could be to check the report for new records each day.

    At this time, given the options above using custom fields and reports, we are unlikely to implement this idea. We hope you can understand.

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Mail alert on specific field changes (like due date)

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Guest over 4 years ago in Epic 0 Unlikely to implement