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Status Unlikely to implement
Categories Account settings
Created by Joe Carpenter
Created on May 24, 2016

Adding 'Net New' users should be restricted to Admins only

Issue: Product Owners are able to add Net New users to a companies Aha instance

This is sorta a big a deal as a Product Owner may not understand the nuances involved in adding a new person into Aha from an administrative point of view. (I understand that for some companies, the onboarding process might be really simple, others much more complex, particularly if you have SSO and other administrative hurdles). 

Issues with PO adding ‘Net New’ Users:

- May add users without any oversight

- New Users may not receive adequate training

- Seat licenses are being consumed without Admin overview

- User configurations may not be correct (I.e. All the net new users in my case did NOT have SSO functionality turned on – still waiting for this Idea to ship in order to help mitigate this issue

- Multiple PO adding users will result in exponential, uncontrolled user growth (I actually had a PO ‘upgrade’ another user to PO and they both started adding net new users)


In short, this is kinda a big deal and we (admins) need a way to turn off the ability of PO to add ‘net new’ users.

OPTION - At least provide an additional checkbox (turned off by default) that the Admin can use to delegate access to certain PO's

    Nov 11, 2016

    As you mentioned, it's currently possible for Product owners to add users (as long as their are open paid seats). They are not able to add paid seats to the account (unless they have that level of admin permissions.

    One workaround which seems to work for some customers is to hide the Product -> Users tab, which would prevent them from seeing this capability. Hopefully this workaround can help. At this time, however, we do not have plans for additional updates in this area based on current priorities and historical feedback.

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  • Jessica Bell
    Apr 26, 2021

    We've restricted user management to a few admins because of this. We really need the ability to allow workspace owners to grant access to their workspace(s) for existing license holders to reduce overhead for designated admins and streamline this process.