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Created on Dec 13, 2018

add users at any time

it is not efficient when creating a product, then strategy, then release, etc. only to have a need to add a user to this effort.  you have to go back to the account menu to then add to the user.  I would be great if at anytime in the flow you can add a user or give a user permission and that permission would go back to the product line all the way down to release.

also it would be nice to define if user should have admin access, read, or read/write

    Dec 20, 2018

    Thank you for your idea. In the main navigation, you can click the + icon and add a new user at any time. The permissions that you give when adding a user can be applied at the product line level which will then be inherited by any products within. This process also includes checkboxes to make the user an administrator if needed.

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