Release Gantt with rows/phases that can be ordered for a better visual layout

A release gantt sorts its rows by phase date i.e., phases with earliest starting date are on top, and later start dates at the bottom. This makes visualization for a project with many different departmental tasks difficult and cumbersome. E.g., in a single release one may have a set of phases/tasks for the engineering group as well as for the marketing group, marcom group, etc. These at some point may be running in parallel and/or are synchronized to each other. With the current gantt behavior this means that they are all mixed up and a quick glance overview of the entire project and still be able to see individual departments is virtually impossible.


I would like to be able to move release phases/tasks up/down as I please i.e., a custom sorting format which each phase being colored by its assigned color in details.

  • joost boerhout
  • Jan 22 2016
  • Likely to implement
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  • Brian Stanley commented
    September 13, 2017 16:39

    Yes please!

  • Nichole Chada commented
    September 13, 2017 16:44

    Yes!  Yes!  Yes!!

  • Chris Savva commented
    29 Mar 14:24

    Any update?

  • John McLoughlin commented
    26 Jun 10:11

    Update please. I've had to buy a 3rd party GANNT product as Aha GANNT is useless without the ability to insert or reorder workstreams etc,.

  • Kevin Dolhay commented
    01 Oct 16:30

    If this were implemented I could better show gannt charts to stakeholders and execs right from AHA.  Without showing a tiered structure in a Gannt chart it is difficult for someone with little time to comprehend as the workflow in the gannt looks off.  If I can use this to show execs I can help justify the purchase of AHA.