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Status Future consideration
Categories Releases
Created by Shawn Zenz
Created on Apr 26, 2021

Force release template phase order on the Gantt view

Release templates are critical to tracking all of the work involved in a successful go-to-market. This includes both Engineering work as well as supporting teams like marketing or operations.

In a release template, you can set the order of the phases. This works great for structuring the specific order work must get done for the release. The challenge for us is when we'd like to show our phases in a particular order, even when the start dates are not in this order.

Here's an example:

Release Template:

  1. Phase_1 (Planning) - 10 days

  2. Phase_2 (Development) - 10 days, starts at end of Phase_1

  3. Phase_3 (Pricing) - 5 days, starts before Phase_2

We would like our Gantt view to show Pricing as the third row, despite that it starts just after the Planning phase starts. However, despite the order of the release template Pricing is shown as the 2nd row in the Gantt. We can manually re-order the phases on the Gantt, but would love the order to be that of the template.

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