Assign product releases as phases to other product Gantt charts

We are a hardware manufacturer. Our products contain software components that are products with releases as well. Before shipping a hardware product, we may plan to ship a couple of software component update/maintenance releases after the initial hardware product is shipped to customers. We would like to be able to include those software component updates as phases of a hardware product’s schedule (Gantt chart), which means they would be phases after a product release. For example, if we ship a hardware product in January, we may plan a software update for March and maybe another in September. It would be nice to assign a software product release as a phase of a hardware product release schedule.

Today, I  include the software update releases as phases to my hardware schedule but they are not linked to the software releases directly. If the software update schedule changes, I have to update it in two locations.  Also, when I visualize the hardware schedule on the Gantt chart, I could select just that product release instead selecting the associated software components as well.

In this scenario, it would also be nice to assign another product release, in this case software releases, as a features of another product release.

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  • Dec 11 2014
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  • Jan 6, 2016

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    Through the Releases Roadmap screen, it is possible to visualize multiple releases from different products in a single screen. From here, you can also create dependencies across releases and products to show the relationships across products.


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