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Created by Madeleine Black
Created on Jan 16, 2020

View release start date on details drawer

After releasing the new Gantt, releases can now have a manually set start date which is not determined from the first phase / feature.

However, you are not able to see this start date on the details drawer. That means when you are working from a report, you are not able to adjust the release start date and have to open the Gantt or Starter roadmap to change the date.

Ideally, the date would be available in the release details drawer

Release time frame 1 month
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  • Jess Cook
    Jun 25, 2020

    Would be really nice to have this to be controllable when you set it up. Otherwise you're switching between views to do everything.

  • Guido Santo
    Mar 4, 2020

    I have had a similar discussion with your support team and suggested the following:

    With initiatives, you can set a duration start and end date OR you leave them blank and let the linked releases determine the start and end dates of your initiative. Why not do the same with releases?

    You just provide a release start date field (we already have the release end date field!). Then leave it up to the user if they want to enter discrete dates OR leave them blank and the children (release phases/milestones/epics/stories...) under the release determine the start and end dates - same as initiatives and more consistent.

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Display release start date in release details

While looking at the roadmap view, it is quite difficult to pin-point the exact date when a release is scheduled to start. Having the release start date displayed in the release details would be very beneficial. Although it is not a field that can...
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